Lighting Techniques

Designing a light scene for Outdoor lighting...


Lighting Techniques:

There are many different approaches and considerations when designing systems for outdoor lighting. How is the space going to be used: Entertaining outdoors, or will the landscape mainly be viewed from angles inside the house? What is the feeling or effect you are designing to: comfort, safety, security? What lighting techniques could be used on the property to accomplish the task at hand?

  • Down Lighting- <30deg angle, take into consideration shielding and glare
  • Up Lighting- Dramatic effect, minimize glare from viewing angles
  • Silhouette- Shows outline, we can use the shadow to hide undesirable features
  • Cross Lighting- Will add depth and dimension to the landscape features
  • Reflection- Mirror on water the landscape, careful to minimize glare from down or path lighting
  • Back Lighting- Subtile glow effect to draw the eye
  • Under Cap Lighting- Ledge light is easy to hide along hand rails or cap stones
  • Grazing-Masonry/stucco/brick stone work will show the material texture 
  • Path Lighting- Space appropriately alternating sides so not to induce a 'runway' effect
  • Architecture Lighting- Accent high points and boldness of structure
  • Safety Lighting- Eliminate surprise path/walkway/change direction. Older people need more light in dark areas. steps, stairs, service areas, entryways, pools BBQs, change in grad/elevation. 


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