New Zone Control Programmer available

UNVLS has added a new UZC10WRPG Programmer and eliminated the outdated UZC10WPG.

The NEW and Improved Zone Control Programmers has some much needed upgrades.

  • Expanded LCD Screen to enable quick and easy programming

  • Lithium ION Rechargeable battery

  • USB Charger included

  • Powers off after 10 minutes of idle time

  • A must have for the professional installer of the Zone Control System

Most diverse and Value Driven Replacement LED Lamps

Universal Lighting Systems has the most divers offering of low voltage AC Replacement Landscape Lighting Lamps in the industry. Our products are made to the most stringent specifications, using the best available materials for longer lasting, easily replaced efficient LED Lamps. Additionally we provide the best value in LED Replacement Lamps in the industry. 

MR 16 Bulbs section

Product update

Representative Map
Universal Lighting Systems
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