New Aluminum Powder Coat Finish - BZ

UNVLS is adding a new powder coat finish known as BZ - Commercial Bronze.
• Darker, richer color
• UV Stabilized with a guarantee form the powder coat manufacturer of 5-7 years of constant exposure to the highest of UV Rays
• The Southwest United States has proven to be extremely hard on outdoor products due to the extreme UV exposure that these states endure.
• Extreme UV Ray exposure particularly in South Western States can
• Fade the color and appearance of the original powder coat
• Cause cracking of the powder coating
• Cause flaking of the powder coating
• Cause peeling of the powder coating
• Shorten the lifespan of the Aluminum products
• With the introduction of our new Powder Coated process we will have BK (Black), and BZ (Bronze)that will endure the most extreme of these environments and retain the luster, and look of the original powder coating for a minimum of five years or more.

Most Diverse and Value Driven Replacement LED Lamps

Universal Lighting Systems has the most divers offering of low voltage AC Replacement Landscape Lighting Lamps in the industry. Our products are made to the most stringent specifications, using the best available materials for longer lasting, easily replaced efficient LED Lamps. Additionally we provide the best value in LED Replacement Lamps in the industry. 

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