Path - Aluminum & Brass

Universal Lighting Systems, Inc. prides itself in owning and manufacturing our own products in factories we own and operate. We design inhouse, cast, assemble, and chemically finish 100% of our products. We do not outsource like many of the big brand manufacturers. This allows us to manufacture a superior product of highly quality at very affordable prices.

                     Path Light Construction & Features

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Die cast



The most rugged safe path light collar / hub in the industry

Shades screw on straight and stay straight

Glass safety cage protects against any damage or injuries in case of glass breakage

  • Multiple O-rings protect against moister intrusion

  • Universal ½” NPT threads assure you can use any of the UNVLS shades with any of the UNVLS posts

  • Frosted, tempered, heat resistant glass lens

  • Stainless steel fasteners

  • EPDM Rubber plug to prevent bugs from accumulating inside the fixture and potentially shortening it out, as well as to prevent the wire form stripping off of the socket during installation

  • C ETL Listed and Approved USA and Canada

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Universal Lighting Systems
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