Wireless Sunset Synchronizer

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Wireless SunSet Synchronizer - UZC10WSS


  • SunSet is not a photocell, it uses the same lightsensing technology used by the auto industry to control headlights.
  • SunSet is completely wireless and works anywhere up to 500' of its ZoneControl receiver.  One SunSet sensor syncs multiple transformers, so the entire system turns on and off in unison - either with the sun or at a time you specify - regardless of time zone or daylight savings.
  • To program custom times UZC10WRPG Programmer is required (sold separately)

Common Specifications

  • Wireless Range: 500' (dependent on installation environment)
  • Batteries: Replaceable CR2450 (-40F to 158F)
  • Compatible with U-Sync ZoneControl Receivers
  • Housing: UV Protected polycarbonate
  • Mounting: Includes mounting options for stake (stake not included) and wall mounting
  • Pairing: Each light season can be paired with multiple ZoneControl receivers
  • Requirements: ZoneControl Receiver required for each transformer 



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