Transformer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Universal Low Voltage Transformers

Transformers are generally the most reliable part of a landscape lighting project, however as with anything they may be subject to physical abuse, incorrect installation and electrical problems.

All Universal transformers are field serviceable and are simple to repair as needed.

Q. Lighting has struck and has melted the terminal block inside the transformer.

A. You should first consider properly grounding the transformer to minimize this type of attack in the future. To replace a bad terminal block, view our video on "replacing the terminal block".

Q. I have a defective Circuit Breaker, how can I replace this item.

A. To replace a circuit breaker on our transformers, please watch the video on replacing cicuit breakers.

Replacing the Surge Supressor

Terminal Block

Opening the transformer compartments

Unscrewing the side of the transformer case

Putting the Transformer Together
Representative Map
Universal Lighting Systems
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