Area Flood


Area flood lights are one of the most under utilized fixtures in the landscape lighting industry. Because of the popularity of the MR16 bulb, Directional Spot light fixtures have stolen the show. Many lighting applications are better achieved with a flood light than the catch all Directional Spot light or PAR 36 well light.

Installing the unobstructed AF1900 or AF2900 series niche flood light fixture can distribute light in a wider more diffused manner to illuminate low lying shrubs, or plant material that is wide and low to the ground. In addition area flood lights are better suited to backlighting or silhouette lighting than are the narrower beam spreads afforded by the MR16 bulbs in Directional fixtures or the PAR 36 well lights.

The versatile AF1900 and AF2900 provide a standard frosted lens as well as a clear lens and a linear spread lens for targeted lighting effects. While the large AF1100 and AF2100 series makes use of a frosted lens to better distribute the lighting effect. Many times area flood lights have been avoided because of perceived higher costs with these fixtures. At Universal Lighting Systems we have worked hard to manufacture the AF series as an affordable tool in your lighting template in an effort to provide more diversity and creativity in lighting your outdoor living spaces.


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