Directional Spot

Directional Spot Lights

One of the most widely used fixtures in landscape lighting. The MR 16 versatility of varying lumen output (described by Watts consumed), the variety of beam spreads (described by the beam angle), and the color flexibility (described by the color temperature in K) of the Directional Spot Lights is what allows Landscape Lighting enthusiasts to sculpt masterpieces.


The DS 1202 is a Powder coated Aluminum fixture with a lock nut on the glare shroud making it a great canidate for up or down lighting in a variety of applications. The DS2700 series  is the power house of landscape lighting. Still a very compact fixture that can easily blend into the landscape. It contains a MR 16 bulb that can pack a punch. The DS2900 series allows for manual adjustment to the shroud, or the complete elimination of the shroud.

MR-8 and MR-11

Some Directional Spot Lights lend themselves better to certain applications than others. The DS2910 and DS2905 are sleek, compact MR-8 and MR-11 fixtures that allow for placement in recessed areas, where the fixture can easily be hidden. Making it a great candidate for safety lighting or silhouetting in compact locations.

Whatever the application, at Universal we are confident that we will bring to the table the best solutions with the greatest benefit for the end user.

Breif Excerpt on our newest- MR 16 Bulbs

Universal Lighting Systems offers the very best in LED products, we now have a 50Watt halogen equivalent LED MR 16 bulb that is unparalleled in its ability to transform and empower landscapes. The energy consumption is reduced with the switch over to LED. What once took 50Watts in a halogen form now can be accomplished with less than 10 Watts in a warm white (2700K or 3000K) color temperature. Combine this state of the art technology with our three Optic lenses; Narrow Spot, Flood, and Wide flood (NS=15°, FL=40°, WF=60°) beam spreads and complete control of any Landscape Lighting challenge is obtained. To see more information on the NEWEST LEDs in our collection visit MR 16 LED Bulbs section.



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