Transformers are the Heart and Central Nervous System of a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting. The transformer provides the voltage to the fixtures that is necessary for them to perform. Affordable Control is what UNVLS Transformers offer to the Landscape Lighting Professional.

Universal Lighting Systems is a true "Manufacturer" of Transformers and as such we offer the industries widest variety of superior low voltage landscape lighting transformers. As a manufacturer we have the ability to respond to industry needs and provide you with the ultimate flexibility of choices to manage and operate your Professional Grade Landscape Lighting System.

All transformers are not created equally. At Universal Lighting Systems we don't presume to know what is best for your needs. This is why we offer the economical EI Laminated core transformers series known as MTM Transformer, the superior quality in a smaller form factor transformer series known as MTT, and the powerful 22 volt series known as MTP Lighting Transformer.  But we don't stop there, our  UTR Transformer has a toroid core and a lot of upgrades based off contractors inputs from around the country.

 In addition the new STL series transformers have proven to fill a demand the industry hungers for with the increased interest and demand for LED fixtures. STL transformers fill this void by offering 40, 70, and 150 watt transformers in a compact size. For full control of all of your low voltage lighting needs the STL includes a modular Timer Module and photo cell combination so lights turn on automatically when you need them to. 

UNVLS won't stop there. The future is calling and Universal Lighting Systems is answering the call. Stay tuned as we roll out new technologies in the months to come.


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