Universal Well

Well Lights have allowed light to go where it otherwise would not go. In other words, the landscape Lighting fixture that cannot be above ground for concern of vandalism, high traffic areas, maintenance issues, or just plain need to hide the source of a light, but be able to prominently display light onto a surface has become the well light.

Not all well lights are created equally. Our Universal Well Light (UW) Series combines a thick blend of injection molded polyester glass and plastics to achieve a precision body that will last for years, and withstand the elements, the chemicals, and the sunlight it is exposed to as well as the high and low temperatures that these fixtures are exposed to in the ground.

Additionally, the UW6300BK has a steel mounting bracket for the socket assembly that allows for aiming of the light output by up to 25 degrees to either direction, combined with a variety of Aluminum Alloy Universal Covers, or Solid Cast Brass Covers that provides additional shrouding or none at all.

PAR 36 Well Light fixtures are also offered at Universal Lighting Systems. The newly improved UW8120BK PAR 36 well light complete with Stainless Steel Gimbal Ring has finally arrived! No Landscape Lighting manufacturer would be complete without this fixture, and we have recently upgraded our offering to include the SS Gimbal to improve longevity of the fixture and provide many years of service.

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