ZoneControl System

Taking Control

Getting the most out of your landscape lighting is essential. The Zone Control System from Universal Lighting Systems gives any homeowner a simple and cost effective way to wirelessly control multiple zones of their landscape lighting from up to 500 feet away. Zone Control is a unique wireless systems that converts standard transformer into a multi-zone control center. All zones can be controlled together, or a user can control up to 3 individual zones separately. Now a homeowner can turn on the lights in one area but keep adjoining zones off.

How It Works

Zone Control's exclusive receiver module sits in between the tap and each light in its respective zone. When a user activates a specific area the powerful Zone Control remote tells the tap which zone or zones should be on or off. Easy and simple to use and install, (set up takes less than 20 minutes) the end user will have a versatile solution to their home landscape lighting demands.

Why use RF?

Current competitor's technology travels over existing home wiring, and can experience reliability issues. Many consumers experience technical problems requiring multiple button presses for one transmit and receive to take place. Interference, of PHC signal phase issues are often the culprits. Universal Lighting System's RF technology was designed around the Life Safety industry, so certification of our algorithms requires that we can miss no more than 2 transmissions every 100,000 button presses.

Zone Control offers a unique list of features including:

  • Remote Control access of all zones On/Off
  • Individual zones On/Off (up to 3 individual zones)
  • Built in real time clock that adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
  • 10 Year back up battery
  • Easy to install
  • Receiver module connects between each transformer zone tap and light
  • Built in digital clock adjusts for daylight savings or 5 minute daily time adjustment



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