Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you sell to direct to the general public?

A. We sell through highly qualified Landscape/Irrigation, Lighting Showroom and Electrical Distributors. If you are a wholesaler and woudl like to apply for distribution please contact us at our toll free number.

Q. Where do you ship from?

A. We ship form our warehouse located in southern California. We generally ship orders within 24 hours.

Q. Where can I purchase your products?

A. You can purchase our products through any wholesale landscape/irrigation, electrical or lighting showroom distributors. Contact your local distributor to inquire about our products, If your local distributor is not already an established distributor, they can easily be added to our list of authorized distributors by submitting an account application.

Q. I am a distributor and I just ordered product for my contractor, about how long will it take to arrive?

A. We ship using UPS and FedEx. Please check with their tracking – but in general we ship orders within a 24 – 48 hour period after having received the order.

Q. I have a defective product under warranty, how do I get it replaced?

A. At UNVLS we only work with established wholesale distributors. All warranty claims must be made through the original wholesale distributor as we cannot process any claims directly to end users.

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