Information for the Marketplace

All companies need to disseminate info to those who value it; these bits of information to us are called resources and they can take many forms, from the latest news, to product catalogs or price lists. How we distribute these resources is what helps separate us from our competition.

We have heard it for years "Let's Go Green", "Paperless is Possible" there are many ways to spin these terms; the best way is to do it and prove it. At Universal we began as a paperless company, not 100% but nearly 90%, no file cabinets, no fax machines. Literature (thus the 10% difference) is a resource that continues to remain as a printed need.

Although it may not be possible to achieve 100% in the near future, we will at Universal continue to strive towards this goal. Until that time, we will continue to provide a multitude of marketing resources to help in the promotion of Universal.

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Universal Lighting Systems
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